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Dead Like Me

The film is about the human psyche, about the impact of human behavior on a human being. The protagonist is Trevor Adams, who through negative behavior football’owej team members from school, changed beyond recognition … of the head of the class in the “bomber” as it was called after he planted a bomb in the school, to manifest what is it has … and has a lot of bad. The Directorate does not have a clue, all open their eyes when confronted with Trevor and his films, which revolves every day in school …Trevor Adams, exemplary student, he was not too well liked by his colleagues. A year ago, threatened to blow up the school into the air to get back at him, mocking members of the football team. Now I feel even more isolated, because Bang, Bang, You're Deadeveryone is afraid of him. Particularly afraid of him parents and teachers. Trevor begins to enjoy while popular among a group of outcasts. The school only new friend Jenny and teacher Val Duncan trying to understand him and help him. The boy dreams about to be filmmaker. Throws in the end to Duncan to help him make his first film. The teacher proposes the boy involved in the preparation by the students of the controversial art. It is not known, however, whether it comes to performance, because the topic and staff raise concerns art school environment.

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Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Serial tells the story of Georgia Lass – bored with life and not interested in anything but intelligent Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farmteenager who has just dropped out of college. Her mother can not stand ignorance daughter, so tells her to find a job. The first day on the job is also the last day in the life of Georgia – during a break she goes for a walk and is killed by a flaming toilet seat from the MIR. It is also the beginning of the second life of George, who learns that in this way went to the “reapers” whose job is to collect human souls. Reapers, like all living people, need somewhere to live, something to eat and make a living somehow. They are still visible to mortals, but they look different than before his death. And though dead, still need to learn what life really is.

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The Time Travelers Wife is: USA Genre: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Release Date: 2009-11-20, directed by Robert Schwentke, written by Bruce Joel Rubin, materials scenario: Audrey Niffenegger (novel) Cast: Rachel McAdams: Clare Abshire, Eric Bana: Henry De Tamble, Brooklynn Proulx: Clare Young, Maggie Castle: Alicia Abshire, Hailey McCann: Alba, music by Mychael Danna, photo: Florian Ballhaus, editor: Thom Noble, Production Design: Jon Hutman, Peter Grundy, Patricia Cuccia, Costume Designer: Julie Weiss, the sound of Michael Minkler, Dave McMoyler, Bob Beemer, Greg Steele, dvd cover design: Dorian Williamson. On the day when Henry saw Clare for the first time, she knew him for many years. Even since I was a little girl, Henry was her best friend, a confidant, a love interest. Henry is able to travel in time. The director gave me his vision, which I was very enthusiastic. Henry wanted to play a role as well. Clare and Henry’s love contrasts with the full routine compound Gomez and his wife, Charisse. Jane McLean, Charisse plays a role, says: Life is the opposite fate Charisse Clare. He has a genetic anomaly that makes the hero may at any time move in time and space. You never know when it will happen. Man, you know Clare, Henry is from the future. The hero in the course of his travels he met the woman who would become his wife. Bana believes that it is the opportunity to work with McAdams and Schwentke encouraged him to take part in this endeavor. He added: “I’m a big fan of Rachel. I really wanted to play with her in the film. I have also seen some of the works of Robert, so from the beginning I knew it was a very talented director. Both his style and the way in which the forms are amazing. I think it is fascinating Clare relationship with a man who is able to move in time. He even brings a little excitement in life Charisse. In addition, it is worth noting that Charisse is very different from Clare. You have to admit, however, that the two women in his life to bring some balance. The cast also included a place for some young, talented actors. Brooklynn Proulx plays the role of a young Clare, who first encounters Henry in the meadow behind his house. Alex Ferris plays the role of a young Henry. Sisters Hailey and Tatum McCann adequately take on the character of the five-year and ten-Alba, daughter of Clare and Henry. The film Fri The Time Travelers Wife is set in Chicago. The film crew to shoot some outdoor shots and key scenes, she traveled to the Windy City. However, most of the principal photography was carried out in Toronto. According to the elusive nature of time in the film production designer Jon Hutman says that the scene had to reflect the timeless atmosphere of the movie. We wanted to create the impression of a smooth time, because we perceive time of Henry and Clare. These are their experiences. The Time Travelers Wife film was not even released on dvd but the dvd cover made by Maciek Dębnago grefika are available on the Website – DVD Covers CoverCity. Maciek is a graphic designer and does cover such as the Knights Templar. Love and blood and promotes the w / the site where they are accessible to all. After the shooting, Eric Bana began work on Star Trek (2009), for which he had to shave his head. But when it became clear that the need to shoot more scenes with him, had to wait for the hair growing back Erika. It took so much time that the release date was delayed by almost a year.

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Vampire Killers & dvd covers

“Vampire Killers” had a new idea and guided them to a pretty noble idea, which no doubt was to cast a kind of homage to cinema class C. Unfortunately, however, surpassed their plans, all the couple went on a whistle (and title). Gallery is only part of some interest, because any large entertainment experience is not what tune. The title such as that can not be approached seriously – if they try to collect it, it may not now go even for the first several minutes. Nobody here but does not try to make us believe that we are dealing with a true story, with something plausible. Read the rest of this entry »

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DVD covers & Pitch black

“This is one of the most interesting characters in sci-fi movies of recent years.” – The words of M. Chacińskiego Film magazine appear on the back cover of the DVD release of Riddick. In my opinion, it’s hard to disagree with them. Firm, bald myoma who kills with his eyes closed, falls dvd covers for a long time in the memory. The first film of his adventures – “Pitch Black”, focused not so much on him, but a group of people who crashed on a hostile planet (of course, it was Riddick).

The latest film under the title, now mainly concerns the murder of Richard, forever hunted by mercenaries. Myself, “Chronicles of Riddick” very appealed to, but that’s not the image I want to talk, but to focus on the additions that we will find together with the release of the film on DVD.

movie covers

dvd covers

At the beginning it is worth paying attention to the two types of menus (unfortunately both in English). One of them is a simple, almost classic. The movie covers second includes moving animations, making everything more open. Strange, however, the moment of choice, admit that you do not know what to press when on TV there are options, “convert” and “fight”. But as I wrote above, this only affects the appearance of the DVD menu.

The first and one of the major additions is a virtual guide to the Chronicles of Riddick. Here we have several descriptions of different places and races (covercity), each with about half a minute. A nice surprise is the Polish teacher dvd labels who read us, but even though it has a male voice, sometimes uses the verb in the feminine (in the original were just different voices for different descriptions, everything here is reading one person and the result is all the stranger because even removed English sounds). Overall, however, nothing special know, watching this supplement. Riddick only to geeks.

Very interesting is the prospect of seeing the Official Toombs. However, and here I met a profession. From the audio again we have only Polish voice, but there is more suitable than the previous covercity bonus. However, this addition is just mean visually. We have a couple of screens, one can see the planet, where he is currently Toombs is located, is also a bar with the days that define a mercenary during the speech. In a

dvd covers

movie covers

small window with specially cut pieces of the film, where we see the same face Toombs, who cover pretends that just says the issue. I think something like this could have been recorded separately and not use scenes from the movie. The substance of anything special. Ot such talk, associated with the crew some trivial issues. I do not even know where covers Riddick and Toombs know why he cares so much for catching it.

In the “bonus” will find even so. Riddick Insider, which is a special comment shows while watching a movie. Quite interesting, but only for those who covercity know English and is quite good, because you need to focus both on film and commentary to it.

Owners of the Xbox can also play one level game ““, but unfortunately labels I do not have the console, so I did not check how it works. After inserting the plate into DVD-ROM can also see more extras on your computer.

Especially at the end I left the best bonuses. In a short paper about the special effects covers used in the film, the first time we see photos from the “Chronicles of Riddick”. The dvd document is really interesting and I recommend it especially to those who are interested in digital and visual effects.

However, the best addition, come just three minutes, a World Riddick. Our guide will be followed by Vin Diesel himself. We will be able to visit such places as the throne room and the ice caves. Here was given only Polish subtitles and very well, because the role of Riddick comment dvd covers enactors is very good. Short, pithy, maybe sometimes too easy, but at least it is interesting and I assure you that nobody does not get tired. Especially since, as I said, all it takes just 3 minutes. It’s probably the only downside of this document.

Admittedly, movie trailers yet, “Pitch Black”, “The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury,”The Bourne Supremacy,” but these trailers can legally watch online. A nice addition is at most Polish subtitles.

dvd covers

dvd labels

In conclusion, “The Chronicles of Riddick” in Poland lived to see a decent release, worthy of the film itself, which admittedly is not as innovative as the first part, but makes up for it a better, more epic performance. Most of the additives is translated into our language, and it is not the fault of the distributor after that additional films are average or too short. If added to another two, a DVD release would be very good. This is the only, or even, neat. All lovers of science fiction, I recommend the DVD. Both the film worth seeing, as well as add-ons.

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