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DVD covers & Pitch black

on September 17, 2012

“This is one of the most interesting characters in sci-fi movies of recent years.” – The words of M. Chacińskiego Film magazine appear on the back cover of the DVD release of Riddick. In my opinion, it’s hard to disagree with them. Firm, bald myoma who kills with his eyes closed, falls dvd covers for a long time in the memory. The first film of his adventures – “Pitch Black”, focused not so much on him, but a group of people who crashed on a hostile planet (of course, it was Riddick).

The latest film under the title, now mainly concerns the murder of Richard, forever hunted by mercenaries. Myself, “Chronicles of Riddick” very appealed to, but that’s not the image I want to talk, but to focus on the additions that we will find together with the release of the film on DVD.

movie covers

dvd covers

At the beginning it is worth paying attention to the two types of menus (unfortunately both in English). One of them is a simple, almost classic. The movie covers second includes moving animations, making everything more open. Strange, however, the moment of choice, admit that you do not know what to press when on TV there are options, “convert” and “fight”. But as I wrote above, this only affects the appearance of the DVD menu.

The first and one of the major additions is a virtual guide to the Chronicles of Riddick. Here we have several descriptions of different places and races (covercity), each with about half a minute. A nice surprise is the Polish teacher dvd labels who read us, but even though it has a male voice, sometimes uses the verb in the feminine (in the original were just different voices for different descriptions, everything here is reading one person and the result is all the stranger because even removed English sounds). Overall, however, nothing special know, watching this supplement. Riddick only to geeks.

Very interesting is the prospect of seeing the Official Toombs. However, and here I met a profession. From the audio again we have only Polish voice, but there is more suitable than the previous covercity bonus. However, this addition is just mean visually. We have a couple of screens, one can see the planet, where he is currently Toombs is located, is also a bar with the days that define a mercenary during the speech. In a

dvd covers

movie covers

small window with specially cut pieces of the film, where we see the same face Toombs, who cover pretends that just says the issue. I think something like this could have been recorded separately and not use scenes from the movie. The substance of anything special. Ot such talk, associated with the crew some trivial issues. I do not even know where covers Riddick and Toombs know why he cares so much for catching it.

In the “bonus” will find even so. Riddick Insider, which is a special comment shows while watching a movie. Quite interesting, but only for those who covercity know English and is quite good, because you need to focus both on film and commentary to it.

Owners of the Xbox can also play one level game ““, but unfortunately labels I do not have the console, so I did not check how it works. After inserting the plate into DVD-ROM can also see more extras on your computer.

Especially at the end I left the best bonuses. In a short paper about the special effects covers used in the film, the first time we see photos from the “Chronicles of Riddick”. The dvd document is really interesting and I recommend it especially to those who are interested in digital and visual effects.

However, the best addition, come just three minutes, a World Riddick. Our guide will be followed by Vin Diesel himself. We will be able to visit such places as the throne room and the ice caves. Here was given only Polish subtitles and very well, because the role of Riddick comment dvd covers enactors is very good. Short, pithy, maybe sometimes too easy, but at least it is interesting and I assure you that nobody does not get tired. Especially since, as I said, all it takes just 3 minutes. It’s probably the only downside of this document.

Admittedly, movie trailers yet, “Pitch Black”, “The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury,”The Bourne Supremacy,” but these trailers can legally watch online. A nice addition is at most Polish subtitles.

dvd covers

dvd labels

In conclusion, “The Chronicles of Riddick” in Poland lived to see a decent release, worthy of the film itself, which admittedly is not as innovative as the first part, but makes up for it a better, more epic performance. Most of the additives is translated into our language, and it is not the fault of the distributor after that additional films are average or too short. If added to another two, a DVD release would be very good. This is the only, or even, neat. All lovers of science fiction, I recommend the DVD. Both the film worth seeing, as well as add-ons.


One response to “DVD covers & Pitch black

  1. ktioiy says:

    Thriller is a genre in which the main character has some – and it’s usually serious – problem to solve. One of which may depend on whether or not the future of the world. Although – in theory – a large field of possibilities stories become more and more repetitive. Truly original ideas can no longer be counted on the fingers of one hand. In all this flood of presidential assassinations and kidnappings of family members, “Die Hard” appears as a bright spot – because although you can find in it motifs characteristic of the species, all makes for a truly fresh blend that draws strength from hell.

    John McClane is a New York cop who flies to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with his wife. To the accompaniment of loud music puszczanej by his chauffeur (well-played role!) Reaches the Nakatomi Plaza building, owned by a large Japanese company, which is working as a secretary for the chosen one. On-site experienced a lot of disappointment, because his wife changed her name and would prefer to finish the knowledge already. But this is not the end of trouble. The building becomes the target of the German terrorist group, led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman great). John, his wife and 30 hostages are trapped in the building.

    What does McClane? As the only keeps a cool head and begins a lonely war against armed thugs 12. Trying to cause alarm, but it is a vain effort. After all, thanks to gains ally – Sergeant Al Powell, who from now on will greatly help to deal with terrorists and … in his own nerves. Their only way of communication is two-way radios. Powell organized police action, but John does not need. Driven by his instinct and desire to help the hostages (and especially his wife) begins a gradual elimination of terrorists. But it has to hurry, as full of hope for a big booty bandits will stop at nothing to get it …

    This video is a perfect example as if to confirm the words of the master Hitchcock – it starts with an earthquake, and then the tension is growing. Watching the adventures of John on the screen, often hold our breath. From well-made special effects really hard to look away. The entire film is in fact incredibly addictive – for the final sitting staring at the screen like bewitched. But the authors found, unless permanent action can be tiring, so they decided to throw in (quite specific) sense of humor. Example? Two FBI agents in a movie called Agent Johnson and Special Agent Johnson (zero kinship!). McClane throws often funny lyrics, and some of them have already become cult (eg, great dialogue between John and telephonist line for special events).

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