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Vampire Killers & dvd covers

on October 25, 2012

“Vampire Killers” had a new idea and guided them to a pretty noble idea, which no doubt was to cast a kind of homage to cinema class C. Unfortunately, however, surpassed their plans, all the couple went on a whistle (and title). Gallery is only part of some interest, because any large entertainment experience is not what tune. The title such as that can not be approached seriously – if they try to collect it, it may not now go even for the first several minutes. Nobody here but does not try to make us believe that we are dealing with a true story, with something plausible.

Already the initial introduction the narrator gives us to understand that we are dealing with history, completely

dvd covers

dvd cover

detached from reality, and that requires us to exclude rational thought. presented vision of the vampire legend is a bit like dvd covers known even with such animation such as “Shrek” and the latest news like “Zombieland” – but unfortunately they can not be matched even minimally. W “LVK” writers partake stripped us to the pain of history, which tells the story of a small town affected by the medieval curse, which all eighteen girls turn into krwiopijcze Lesbians. densities in order to know the two guys share some big city who are struggling with their life dramas. Anyway desperate guys decide to go on a trip and, of course, will go to that accursed village. Along the way, learn four lovely – but the pain empty – a girl with whom agree to spend the night in the mansion. Tam turns out that the local legend is true, and men will have to be fearless Warlords vampires.

dvd cover

dvd cover

“Lesbian Vampire Killers” very easily and quickly be crossed, considered to be poor, weak, tacky and empty. But it dvd covers becomes different, if we assume the that the creators wanted to create a ripped, make homage to cinema class C? Unfortunately, I do not think too much, because this British production just missing charm to to be more than just another, very average title. Covers DVD to “Vampire Killers” is performed by Leona Wieruszewski. Leon performs cover dvd blu-ray cover such as the “Vampire Killers” and makes it the dvd covers CoverCity. services that provides free dvd cover for the film Vampire Killers.


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