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Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

on February 12, 2014

Serial tells the story of Georgia Lass – bored with life and not interested in anything but intelligent Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farmteenager who has just dropped out of college. Her mother can not stand ignorance daughter, so tells her to find a job. The first day on the job is also the last day in the life of Georgia – during a break she goes for a walk and is killed by a flaming toilet seat from the MIR. It is also the beginning of the second life of George, who learns that in this way went to the “reapers” whose job is to collect human souls. Reapers, like all living people, need somewhere to live, something to eat and make a living somehow. They are still visible to mortals, but they look different than before his death. And though dead, still need to learn what life really is.


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