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Dead Like Me

The film is about the human psyche, about the impact of human behavior on a human being. The protagonist is Trevor Adams, who through negative behavior football’owej team members from school, changed beyond recognition … of the head of the class in the “bomber” as it was called after he planted a bomb in the school, to manifest what is it has … and has a lot of bad. The Directorate does not have a clue, all open their eyes when confronted with Trevor and his films, which revolves every day in school …Trevor Adams, exemplary student, he was not too well liked by his colleagues. A year ago, threatened to blow up the school into the air to get back at him, mocking members of the football team. Now I feel even more isolated, because Bang, Bang, You're Deadeveryone is afraid of him. Particularly afraid of him parents and teachers. Trevor begins to enjoy while popular among a group of outcasts. The school only new friend Jenny and teacher Val Duncan trying to understand him and help him. The boy dreams about to be filmmaker. Throws in the end to Duncan to help him make his first film. The teacher proposes the boy involved in the preparation by the students of the controversial art. It is not known, however, whether it comes to performance, because the topic and staff raise concerns art school environment.

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Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Serial tells the story of Georgia Lass – bored with life and not interested in anything but intelligent Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farmteenager who has just dropped out of college. Her mother can not stand ignorance daughter, so tells her to find a job. The first day on the job is also the last day in the life of Georgia – during a break she goes for a walk and is killed by a flaming toilet seat from the MIR. It is also the beginning of the second life of George, who learns that in this way went to the “reapers” whose job is to collect human souls. Reapers, like all living people, need somewhere to live, something to eat and make a living somehow. They are still visible to mortals, but they look different than before his death. And though dead, still need to learn what life really is.

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