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“Subtle” history and as “fancy” names are worthy of the most bad fantasy novels. There is only one place you could be tempted by something of a novelty: they wrong to be defeated not by the good, but by another kind of evil. The vision quite original, I’d say. But what is this “other evil”? Do not guess: Riddick. And who is he? The “Pitch Black” is a multiple murderer, an animal in human skin. The man who rejects the principle of civilization, hates them and will use every opportunity to discredit them, or enough of their annihilation. Therefore, selected from members of the crashed spaceship in deadly peril, while alone is more likely. The monsters lurk in the darkness, to which thousands of years dvd covers of development of civilization is dust in the wind. Riddick game of surviving to the end of humanity, watching from the side, which is stronger: the desire to survive, and responsibility for others.

Vin Diesel has created an electrifying character, its focus all the attention, she gives life to the screen. This role was created for him, and he do not have that scenario never would play so well. Riddick is a creation of the as Hannibal Lecter in “Silence of the Lambs”. It frightens and repels people while being intimate with

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him. And just as was the case with movie covers Lecter in “Hannibal” (this time in the book), showing his human side killed the magnetism. Riddick was never bad as you would like in the “Chronicles …”. He was amoral, stood by civilized people. However, in-reviewed movie is … unremarkable. A typical tough guy saving the world. And by the way, because it is not for the purpose of, and only a “coincidence” that makes the interests of humanity and its overlap. Such characters have a lot of movies … Too much.

The film is another representative covercity of the entertainment cinema made in the USA, along with the envelope: spectacular fight scenes, heroic exploits of the main character, tkliwymi scenes and the ending. By the way, the pronunciation would be quite different if Riddick was wrong, or at least the same as in the first part. But everything in the script denies. The ending is just so interesting and may herald the next part.

From the audiovisual image looks average. The music can be written only the most cover hackneyed words in reviews: It is not mind, it stands out above mediocrity. Special effects are traditionally allows them to his knees, so that the viewer could not even get up from the previous sessions and do not even notice that there was something going on. Nothing new has covers shown a vision of the future flourish does not come close to the masterpiece of the genre. Ships Nekromangerów kiczowato are traditionally dark, unholy metallic decorations and lead design.

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As I mentioned, the film is good and dvd covers bad moments, the best was when I forgot for a while that you still need to save the world, because along with the diesel was on the “solar” planet (just so alive and burning there are no package elaboration of the body? ). The scenario is not particularly logical, better or not to think about the motives of the characters.

On the video you can go in three movie covers cases: if you liked the “Pitch Black”, you want to watch the movie entertaining and such just do not play or like Vin Diesel. What are the three conditions have accomplished, so that even though I do not regret anything.


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